Cargo 2000-L-F

CARGO 2000

Standard Cab

The Cargo 2000 offers the largest storage available in the industry.

The Cargo 2000 hardtops have a high roof meaning the load capacity is increased significantly more than with a cab high top. make the Cargo 2000 a benchmark in the industry.
Cargo 2000-M-F
Our commercial canopy come in a range of sizes and configurations to provide the storage you need and the style and performance you want in your work vehicle. Cargo 2000 commercial canopy feature the same premium materials and quality components.


Model Exterior (mm.) Interior (mm.) Loading Capacity
Length (A) Height (B) Width (C) Length (D) Height (E) Width (F)
CARGO 2000-M-F 2,430 1,800 1,650 2,420 1,790 1,640 7
CARGO 2000-L-F 2,430 2,100 1,730 2,420 2,090 1,720 8.4
Model Scoop Exterior Scoop (mm.) Interior Scoop (mm.)  
CARGO 2000-M-F 830 800 1,620 820 790 1,610 0.6
CARGO 2000-L-F 830 1,100 1,700 820 1,090 1,690 0.9

We've got your business covered

With a body, that besides having great utility, has an attractive design, Cargo 2000 come with flexible choice to match the storage function and performance you need. we are sure Cargo 2000 will be the ideal fit for you and your truck.
Features — Rear light L.E.D. • Front scoop • Rear door lock pillar • Handle Opener with key • Rear Bumper with door step • Interior light LED • Rear door sealing • Lock and latch • Front light L.E.D. • Switch on and off lights • Luggage space in scoop •

A Cargo 2000 that combines style, strength and versatility is now available to businesses around the country.

We design utility truck canopy to fit your truck's unique needs.


Cargo 2000 with full door type provide you easy and accessible loading or unloading. The added height and larger door opening allow more usable interior space for cargo.

Cargo 2000 — The world's most experienced commercial truck hardtop manufacturers.

Available Now! for Single Cab / Standard Cabs / Spark / S-Cab

CARGO 2000

D-MAX (RT-50)
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