Lift-1 (One Piece Rear Door)

Add value from the normal pick-up to the utilized pick-up with fiberglass canopy “Carryboy Lift-1”. Definitely worth it luxury look and attractive style. Latest design from Carryboy. (R)EVOLUTION your vehicle to be most utilized and comfortable with the passenger room. Fiberglass canopy : Lift-1 make your vehicle looks outstanding.

Standard Features

  • Pop-out side windows Provide air circulation and better view.
  • Rear glass door with Defogger Switch on-off
  • Light Set for registration plate New Design
  • Rear door Inner Conner Plate made from Polyurethane for better appearance with the rear glass door
  • Interior lamp for soft and bright at night.
  • Switch on-off for interior light Automatic
  • Rear door lock & key Automotive quality keys to provide a secure locking mechanism.
  • Set if inner open handle
  • Extra Tail Lamp New Design and reflective
  • Vibrate resistance Reduce the sound and vibration.
  • Reverse mirror For safety when reversing
  • Aluminum rack Tuff and endurable, increase loading capacity.

Nothing like LIFT-1 to enjoy nature and relax. Ahhh! Looking forward to it.

Perfect Day Experiences,
Made to make you smile

The Lift-1 comes with a range of car features and clever design elements that equip it for many conceivable situations while ensuring that it is a completely practical and comfortable, Offering great value for money

Available Now! for Double Cab / Dual Cab / Crew Cab


* Rear Pillar L.E.D.
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